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Save time and money by buying Patio Roof Risers at a local retailer. If you can't find a location nearby, you can purchase directly from us. Simply click on the dropdowns below to see our products.

    • We encourage you to thoroughly review our installation instructions and other documentation before making a purchase. Knowing exactly how our product works is key to a successful project. Our FAQ page is also a great place to start for a wealth of information.

    • Post to Double Beam

      (2) Hex Bolt and Nut

      (4) Bridge Washer 

      Diagonal Brace

      (1) Lag Screw

      (1) Hex Bolt and Nut

      (3) Bridge Washer

      Post to Single Beam

      (1) T - Brace

      (6) Hex Bolt and Nut

      (6) Bridge Washers


      (2) T - Brace

      (6) Hex Bolt and Nut

      Note: You will need the hardware for a "Post to Double Beam" for each Post Mount Patio Roof Riser, unless you are planning on mounting your beams to the post in a different way.

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