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How do I install Patio Roof Risers?

We have a complete and comprehensive install guide that walks you through every single step of building a pergola with Patio Roof Risers. Click HERE to view it!

Where do I install the Patio Roof Risers?

Patio Roof Risers install just outside of your exterior wall into your existing rafter tails or into blocking installed between those rafter tails. Install a Roof Riser every 4' on center.

What if my rafters aren't evenly spaced?

Patio Roof Risers are also engineered to be installed into 4x8 solid blocking secured between your rafters with lags. View our engineering page or our install instructions for more information about blocking.

What kinds of roofs can PRRs be installed on?

Composition shingles - three tab - architectural & heavy dimensional. Metal roofing - vertical panel and standing seam.

How many Patio Roof Risers will I need for my job?

Patio Roof Risers are engineered to be installed 4' on center (allowing for a 2' overhang on the ends)
Ex: A 12' patio roof would need 3 Patio Roof Risers.

How far do I overhang the roof above the Patio Roof Riser Hardware?

Your new patio roof should be cantilevered at least 12" beyond the PRR post and beam above the existing building envelope.

Do you have the engineering?

Yes! Patio Roof Risers are engineered and tested. All of our documents showing allowable loads, and much more are available HERE.

Do I need to be trained to install Patio Roof Risers?

NO! Patio Roof Risers are designed to keep it simple!

Can I use rough sawn wood with Patio Roof Risers?

YES! Patio Roof Risers will work with rough sawn wood. Make sure to specify that in your selections if purchasing online.

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