Frequently Asked Questions
How do I install Patio Roof Risers?

Our original install instructions were written for a closed soffit, however, you can install PRR on an open soffit as well. You can find instructions for both HERE.

Where do I install the Patio Roof Riser hardware?

To help you understand, visualize your existing house rafters only being 6" long, overhanging past your existing exterior wall. That is where the PRR hardware is mounted.

What if my rafters are not evenly spaced to match the patio that I'm covering?

You do not have to install the PRR only on a rafter tail. You can install 4x8 DF solid blocking flat between the rafters. Pre-drill both rafters then install blocking flat using (6) 5" Ledgerloc lags 2" O.C. through rafters into both ends of your 4x8 flat blocking.

What kinds of roofs can Patio Roof Riser be installed on?

Composition shingles - three tab - architectural & heavy dimensional. Metal roofing - vertical panel and standing seam.

Do I need to cut into my roof?

NO! There is no cutting into your roof with Patio Roof Riser!

How many Patio Roof Risers will I need for my job?

We recommend 4 foot on center (allowing for a 2 foot overhang on the ends)
Ex: A 12 foot patio roof would need 3 Patio Roof Risers.

How far do I overhang the roof above the Patio Roof Riser Hardware?

Your new patio roof should be cantilevered at least 12" beyond the PRR post and beam above the existing building envelope.

Do you have the engineering?

Yes we have the engineering for Patio Roof Risers and our structural hardware for Washington, Oregon, and California. See more on our Engineering page HERE.

Do I need to be trained to install Patio Roof Risers?

NO! Patio Roof Risers are designed to keep it simple!

Can I use rough sawn wood with Patio Roof Risers?

YES! Patio Roof Risers will work with rough sawn wood. Although the standard hardware (bolts and lags) aren't big enough for rough sawn, but we can accommodate for it! Just let us know and we'll get you the right hardware.