Patio Roof Riser LO-PRO Beam Mount

Patio Roof Riser LO-PRO Beam Mount


Recommended spacing between PRR LO-PRO Roof Riser hardware is 4' o.c.

Each Patio Roof Riser LO-PRO comes with 1/8 thick 50 year butyl tape pre-installed on the bracket, two 0.375" x 4.0" flange roofing lags, two alloy steel adjustment pins, one grade 8 flange bolt and nut, and one HDPE bracket spacer.


The Post Mount Kit Includes

(1) Patio Roof Riser LO-PRO

(2) 0.5" x 4.5" Hex Bolt & Nut


NOTE FOR LUMBER DIMENSIONS: The PRR LO-PRO beam pockets are sized for nominal lumber (3.5" - 3.625"), however rough sawn size (3.875" - 4") are currently available at request. All of our bolts lengths are figured to the actual size. (Ex. A nominal 4x4's actual size is 3.5" x 3.5"). Rough sawn lumber will not work with our bolt lengths.  We will gladly custom powder coat any length

bolts to fit your need.


NOTE FOR INSTALL SPACING: Recomended spacing between LO-PRO roof risers is 4' o.c. when installing into the rafters and 5' o.c. when attaching into 4"x8" blocking installed between rafters.