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Is Knock-Off Patio Roof Riser Hardware Worth the Risk?


Unfortunately, we have seen a rise in products attempting to mimic the functionality of Patio Roof Risers. We are always open for friendly competition, however, these products are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. We understand the appeal of cost-saving measures, but compromising on safety and durability is never worth the risk, especially when you're attaching a product to your home.

The biggest culprit of this is a brand named Mayset who sell their cheap hardware on Amazon, Temu, and AliExpress. We highly recommend avoiding this brand and all hardware produced by them.

Why You Should Avoid Knock-Off Patio Roof Riser Hardware:

  1. They're Dangerous: These scary knock-off Patio Roof Risers use nothing but a bolt and friction to maintain their pitches. This puts your house at risk of being impacted by your pergola when these brackets eventually fail (which they will).

  2. Insufficient Attachment: The fasteners included with each knock-off Patio Roof Riser product we have seen are too small and too short to create the kind of structural connection needed for a pergola or patio cover (we know because we've gone through rigorous testing and engineering for our attachment).

  3. No Waterproofing: These knock-offs also include no sealant for roof penetration, so you will have to use a third party sealant to achieve any form of waterproofing.

  4. Weak Materials: The products are also made out of a thin sheet metal which is prone to deforming under the stresses of a patio cover.

What to look out for (these products are extremely unsafe):

Why You Should Use the Official Patio Roof Risers:

  1. Safety First: Our design incorporates steel alloy pins and a grade 8 bolt, ensuring a secure and stable connection that can withstand immense forces.

  2. Engineered: Patio Roof Riser's design is the result of meticulous engineering and is the ONLY product that is engineered to install outside of the building envelope of the home while still providing the strength needed for a patio cover or pergola attachment.

  3. Waterproof: The 50 year butyl seal that comes pre-installed on the base of every Patio Roof Riser ensures that not a single drop of water will ever penetrate the seal. We even ship free replacement butyl when it comes time to re-roof!

  4. Durability Matters: Constructed with 1/4" and 3/8" Steel, our products stand the test of time. Manufactured entirely here in the USA, each Patio Roof Riser is given a corrosion resistant powder coat finish (also available in 316 Stainless for salt water environments).

  5. Versatility: Whether you choose our LO-PRO or Post Mount styles, Patio Roof Risers enhance your outdoor space without compromising safety or aesthetics.

As you can see, there are countless reasons to avoid these knock-off Patio Roof Risers. Compromising on quality and safety with cheap products, especially those from Mayset, is not a risk worth taking. These products are extremely dangerous and we fear the stories that will come from structures built with them. If you or anyone you know is considering building a patio cover or pergola, please make sure they avoid these products at all costs and consider using Patio Roof Risers.



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