Patio Roof Riser with Post and Beam Mount Kit

Patio Roof Riser with Post and Beam Mount Kit

Recommended spacing between PRR Roof Riser hardware is 4' o.c.

Each Patio Roof Riser comes with 1/8 thick 50 year butyl tape pre-installed on the bracket, two 0.375"" x 4.0" flange roofing lags, two alloy steel adjustment pins, and one grade 8 flange bolt and nut.


The Post and Beam Mount Kit Includes

(1) Patio Roof Riser

(2) 0.5" x 4.5" Hex Bolt & Nut

(2) 0.5" x 7.5" Hex Bolt & Nut

(8) Bridge Washers


*Post and Beams Not Included


NOTE FOR LUMBER DIMENSIONS: All of our bolts lengths are figured to the actual size. (Ex. A nominal 4x4's actual size is 3.5" x 3.5"). Rough sawn lumber will not work with our bolt lengths.  We will gladly custom powder coat any length bolts to fit your need.


NOTE FOR INSTALL SPACING: Recomended spacing between Patio Roof Riser Post Mount W/ Beam Mount is 4' o.c. when installing into rafters and 5' o.c. when attaching into 4"x8" blocking installed between rafters.